Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

After tree removal has taken place, a sturdy stump is what’s left behind. A few questions might come to mind – Should you leave it untouched? Or haul it out for good? Here at Tree Service Martinez, we have got an answer. Grind the stump. Leaving it can become a nuisance when mowing your lawn as decayment is a lengthy process. In addition, decayment can attract unwanted pests like termites or carpenter ants jeopardising the health of your landscape and home.

And let’s face it – a stump in the middle of your lavish green garden can be sore on the eyes and affect the value of your property. With our outstanding stump grinding skills and techniques, we can solve all these unwanted consequences by grinding your stumps.

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Why opt for stump grinding? 

Our specialized team of arborists can conduct a consultation to guide you in making the best possible decision when faced with a stump dilemma. Usually we advise our clients to choose to less invasive route aka stump grinding. Stump grinding is less intensive, more efficient and environmentally better than stump removal.

When grinding stumps, we employ the most up-to-date and approved cutting technology machines to chip away the wood and completely shred the stump. This process is also budget friendly as it doesn’t require the intensive labour costs associated with complete stump removal. Send us a query and we can leave your property stump free within a day.

How does stump grinding work? 

Stump grinding is a highly complex process that involves excavating the stump of a tree without needing to remove its roots. What’s great about this process is the fact that our clients can request the height at which the stump should be ground. Normally, we grind about one inch below the soil or as low as twelve inches underground.

Not certain which depth to choose from – our experts can advise you which is best for your property and its needs. Just give us a call and we will assess the nature of your stumps, pick the best machine for the job and leave you with wooden shavings created through the grinding process which you can apply to projects in and around your property.

Importance of eliminating tree stumps. 

Leaving stumps unattended might result in unwanted growth of smaller trees around it which can become quite a costly endeavour if left for too long. Another factor to consider is how trees strip surrounding plants of their nutrients, causing plants to wither away or die. It is important to note that stumps are hazardous as they can lead to accidents when your children are playing outside.

Pests and diseases are attracted by decaying stumps, posing an environmental concern to other plants on your property and even the home or building itself. Don’t wait too long if you think your untreated stump might be a hazard. Take the necessary steps today to avoid costly endeavours in the long run.

Our Services

Trees are the essence of life. Without proper care and protection, they lose their fruit bearing properties, threaten the safety of your family, and structures in and around your property, devalue the worth of your property and negatively affect aesthetic appeal.

Tree Service Martinez is your one-stop tree service solution shop, as we can take care of all your evergreen related wants and needs with our exceptionally diverse tree services, whether you need your trees trimmed for those summer BBQs or protect your children by removing that hazardous stump in the backyard. In addition, we tackle bigger commercial projects through our land clearing solutions, providing property developers with land clearing solutions during those challenging building projects.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Removing a tree seems like a fairly easy DIY task. Unfortunately, tree removal is an extremely intricate process that requires a skilled arborist to complete – which is exactly what we can offer our clients.

We commit ourselves to removing those trees that have been damaged due to harsh weather or might be rotting away, leaving your assets prone to damage. Give us a call and we will gladly assist you with all your tree removal queries.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

We pride ourselves in our non-invasive stump grinding techniques and methods. This allows us to complete any stump grinding project within a day, minimizing any disruptions to our client’s daily routines.

The cutting edge technologies we employ here at Tree Service Martinez, will have your property feeling and looking hazard free in no time. We are also ecstatic to announce that we can offer the most cost effective and budget friendly stump removal solutions. Contact us and we will be more than  happy to provide you with a stump grinding estimate.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Does your property lack that much wanted lush green summer look? With our tree trimming services, we can help your garden achieve that catalogue evergreen appeal. Our arborists continuously stress the benefits of  keeping your trees in mint condition.

One of these benefits include removal of damaged or stagnant branches, giving you that peace of mind where your trees are not only achieving optimal growth, but you avoid those hefty insurance claims when a branch falls on your vehicle or in your neighbour’s swimming pool.

Tree Cabling

Tree Cabling

Are your beloved green lush friends getting the support they desire for healthy tree growth and bearing those crunchy apples in spring? If not, we have all the tree cabling solutions right at our fingertips.

Our arborists have dedicated their professional careers to ensure that we are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to cabling those evergreens. A cable today brings about optimal tree growth tomorrow. Please go ahead and fill out our online contact page and we will gladly pay you a visit to assess your tree cabling needs.

Land Clearing

Land Clearing

We provide our clients with the most effective and efficient land clearing solutions and services. Specializing in land clearing – for residential or commercial purposes.

You can finally create the vegetable garden you’ve always wanted or are you hoping to complete a housing project, but stuck with felling trees and other plant debris. Our commitment to safety during land clearing projects are unmatched and we will have property developers erecting those buildings in no time!

24-Hour Emergency 
Storm Service

24-Hour Emergency Storm Service

The safety of our clients and their assets is our biggest concern and we commit ourselves in ensuring that safety comes first. Please contact us immediately and utilize our 24-hour emergency storm response service if you are experiencing any tree related emergency either after a storm or in the midst of one.

Our team at Tree Service Martinez, will walk those evergreen miles and clear your property of any hazardous tricky tree situations in no time – giving you the safety you deserve.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about all the evergreen services we offer, please dial those digits and one of our customer service staff will gladly provide you with all the tree trimming, land clearing, stump grinding, tree cabling, tree removal or emergency response services you might seek.

Our customer representatives will refer you to the best arborists for the job and they will complete a consultation and provide a free tree service estimate that suits every pocket. You might have multiple projects related to tree services – if so, send us an email and we will gladly advise our clients on the best possible course of action.

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